Levi Strauss has been cranking out jeans since 1872 — and they have a patent to prove it, according to the company’s well documented history. And though silhouettes have changed throughout the years, the “skinny,” “boot cut” and “straight leg” jeans are classic styles that seem to keep coming back. Levi’s signature denim are available for both sexes, but the legendary jean company has evolved its classic styles to suit a woman’s curves.

Straight Leg

One of the classic fits that Levi’s offers in it signature 501 jeans is the straight leg. This pant is also known as the “stove pipe,” due to its straight, almost cylindrical, lines. Made for both men and women, the pant clings to the hip, before falling straight to the ankle. As a result the style can be flattering for many body types, as it creates a lean line that can help lengthen the leg. Another selling point: this jean style is quite comfortable as it gives ample room in the hip and thigh area. Baggier versions of the jean are called the “relaxed fit” or “boyfriend jean,” as it looks like it was commandeered from the boyfriend’s closet.

Boot Cut

Another popular jean style is the boot cut, a modern jean with a slight retro edge. This trouser is more fitted that the straight leg, because it clings to the thighs and knees, before flaring out towards the ankle. Not to be confused with the dated bellbottom jeans — known for their dramatic bell shape — the boot cut allows just enough ankle room for a calf-high boot. Crisp, dark denim can help this jean to fit like a trouser, while weathered denim can give it a more comfortable, relaxed feel.

Skinny Jeans

For those who are more daring, confident or feel like unleashing their inner rocker, Levi’s makes a skinny jean. Yes, this hip-hugging trouser is available in both male and female, in everything from sleek to distressed styles. For women, the skinny jean is normally infused with spandex, which allows it to cling to the body from hip to ankle. The men’s version is coined “slim fit” and is close fitting to the leg and narrow at the ankle. Both sexes usually have a lower rise than that of other silhouettes, meaning they can rest approximate 1 to 2 inches lower than the classic rise.

Curve ID

Not every woman is shaped the same, and Levi’s recognizes this with its “Curve ID” jeans. These bottoms were designed to accommodate various hips, thighs and tummies and boast to fit 80 percent of women, according to Kirsty Robinson’s Daily Mail article. Most of these women fall into the jean manufacturer’s three cuts: “bold fit,” “demi fit” and “slight fit.” Bold fit is made for the very curvy lady, such as Kim Kardashian, whereas women shaped like Olivia Wilde would be classified as a demi fit. And more petite women have not been left out, as the Keira Knightleys of the world can squeeze into the slight fit. Curve ID is available in the classic skinny, boot cut and straight leg silhouettes.