Close-Up Of Soda Fountain In Restaurant
Kiattisak Lamchan / EyeEm/EyeEm/GettyImages


CO2 is dissolved into water by lowering the temperature of the water or increasing the pressure of the CO2 gas using a carbonator. Booster pumps force the water to increase in pressure, allowing the CO2 to dissolve into the water.


Soda water is mixed with flavored syrup in order to create the soft drink. The syrup and carbonated water mix together and exit out of the nozzle, which is activated when the customer pushes down on a lever. The syrup is often stored in plastic bags that are hooked up to tubes. The soda flavoring is drawn from the plastic bags using air pressure when the customer pushes down on the lever.

Ice Bin

The ice bin keeps the soda cold and also provides customers with ice for their drinks. The ice dispenser often contains a rotary device that slowly pushes the ice toward a hole. The ice falls through the hole, down a chute, and into the customer's drink. A bin at the bottom with a grate over it catches the ice cubes. Often, the bin contains a drain that allows the melted ice cubes to drain down to the sewer.