Wolf Tanning Bed’s Sunquest line come in a variety of models. If you experience problems with your Sunquest tanning bed, there are several troubleshooting steps you can perform to identify the problem’s cause.

Things You'll Need

Measure the distance between the back of the tanning bed and the wall to ensure there is at least 6 inches of space. Placing the tanning bed closer than this will cause it to feel very hot and could overheat.

Place a thermometer in the room where the Sunquest tanning bed is located to make sure the room temperature is 80 degrees or lower when the tanning bed is not running. If the normal room temperature is above 80 degrees, the bed could overheat.

Call an electrician and have himexamine the electrical circuit if the tanning bed continually shuts off or trips a fuse. According to the manufacturer, the Sunquest beds should be on their own circuit, with no other devices or appliances plugged into the outlets. In addition, the electrical circuit should be able to handle a minimum of either 15 or 20 amps, depending on your tanning bed model.

Locate the threaded canopy locks on the hinge of the bendable arms and twist them clockwise to ensure they are not loose. Loose locks cause the canopy to continually fall shut. If the locks are secure, call in a technician to service the tanning bed and replace the gas springs.

Replace the bulbs in the tanning bed if they flicker or appear dull. Refer to the manufacturer’s instructions for bulb replacement on your specific Sunquest model. In general, you will unscrew the clear plastic shield, and then gently twist each long light tube out of the bed. Insert the new bulbs by pressing them into the bulb location and twisting slightly.


  • You should change the bulbs in the Sunquest tanning bed once they have been in use for 400 to 500 hours.