Even though a pair of shoes may usually fit and is clearly your size, they can start to squeeze your toes or the side of your foot for a number of reasons. New shoes often require stretching, and older shoes can become tighter after a rain. Your feet can swell temporarily due to weather conditions, which can also cause your shoes to squeeze. The easiest way to stop shoes from squeezing involves the use of a spray shoe leather stretching product.

Things You'll Need

Shake a can of shoe stretch spray well. Wear the shoes that squeeze.

Hold your can or bottle of shoe stretch spray about 6 inches from the part of the shoe that is squeezing your foot.

Spray the product onto the spot where the shoe squeezes as well as above and below it.

Wipe off any excess with a rag or cloth.

Walk in the shoes as you normally would. Repeat the treatment once or twice during the day if the shoes continue to squeeze.

Spray the shoes with the stretcher spray before you wear them the next time. Once they stop squeezing, you can discontinue spraying them; resume using the spray if they start squeezing again for any reason.


  • You can insert a wooden or plastic shoe stretcher into your shoes and spray them with shoe stretcher after you take them off for the day.