Expensive, luxurious and well fit, MEK women’s jeans are worn by celebrities such as Katherine Heigl and Jamie Lynn Spears. With a price point of $135 to $150 per pair, these pants are as much a fashion investment as a new designer handbag. Make sure you get back your investment with excellent fit.

Things You'll Need

Measure your waist and hips. Like many designer brands, MEK Denim sizes their jeans in inches, not by size. Depending on where the jeans are designed to hit (waist or hips) the inside label will show a measurement in inches.

Convert the measurement into a U.S. standard size. Using a “standard women’s sizing chart” (see Resources), match up your waist or hip measurement with a size. For example: If your waist is 25 inches and your hips are 35.5 inches, you are a size 10.

Measure your inseam. Women’s jeans are sized in petite (30 inches), regular (32 inches) and long/tall (35 to 37 inches).

Put the measurements together to get the “true size” of the jeans. For example: With a 25-inch waist and a 30-inch inseam, you have a size 10 short pair of jeans.

Measure the jeans. If you do not know the waist or inseam measurement for some reason, take those measurements on the jeans while they are laid out flat on a table. Then covert to a U.S. size using those measurements.


  • The best way to accurately size jeans is to try them on. If you know your true size, find a pair that matches that measurement and try them on to see how they fit.

  • Most modern denim stretches quite a bit after wear. When sizing or buying jeans, sometimes it is advisable to purchase one size smaller than you would normally wear to account for this stretch.