Pantyhose may not be required wearing anymore in today’s workplace, but they are still a great complement to a short skirt or dress. However, picking pantyhose that look good and fit well can be a little bit tough, as pantyhose sizes, fits, and colors vary. By knowing the basics of different pantyhose, you can select a pair that will fit your unique body shape and fashion needs.

Things You'll Need

Weigh and measure yourself. You will need your accurate weight (taken from a scale) as well as your height and hip measurements. Have someone else use a tape measure to get your correct height, and then wrap a tape measure around the fullest part of your hips to get an accurate measurement.

Consult the manufacturer’s size chart. Each pantyhose manufacturer has a different size chart. These charts determine your size based on your height, weight and sometimes hip measurements. If you are “borderline” between two sizes, pick the larger size so you don’t have to worry about squeezing into something uncomfortable.

Decide on color. Pantyhose come in three basic colors: white, nude and black. Nude is generally the most popular and mimics a neutral skin tone. This shade is most appropriate for work or casual outfits. Black is a bit more edgy, and can make a regular work outfit that much more sexy. White, on the other hand is very formal and is generally reserved for children or church. Many pantyhose manufacturers also produce one-off colors (like red) that are only appropriate with the right outfit.

Select a fit. A basic fit will fit comfortably under most outfits, but if you’ve got a tight-fitting skirt or dress, you may want to opt for “control top” pantyhose, which will slim the waistline. You can also get pantyhose that target certain areas of your hips and thighs to slim. If you get these it is especially important to get the right size, as slimming pantyhose won’t work if you get a size that is too small.

Decide what thickness works for you. Sheer and ultra sheer are very thin, and are perfect if you don’t want a dramatic look to your pantyhose. However, these thicknesses run very easy. If you are planning to move around a lot, you may want a thicker weave, like reinforced or enhanced.


  • If you are worried about breath-ability, choose pantyhose that are made without spandex.