Dark circles and puffiness around the eyes is one of the most common beauty problems. Some women tend to be more prone to dark circles in particular, and there does seem to be a genetic factor. Putting on lots of eye makeup is not the answer. If anything it draws attention to the area. However, there are treatments and preventative measures that can help. Visit your doctor if this is a sudden problem or it gets suddenly worse.

Things You'll Need


Drink about eight glasses of water a day, and eat plenty of fruit and vegetables. Reduce the amount of salt in your diet. Exercise and spend time in the fresh air to improve your circulation. Get seven or eight hours of sleep a night, though too much sleep can also cause puffiness.

Bathe your face in cold water when you get up. Lie with your eyes closed and put cotton wool soaked in either black or green tea on your eyes for 10 minutes. Cut down on your alcohol intake, and avoid smoky atmospheres.

Massage a few drops of almond oil gently around your eyes morning and evening for a week. For a special occasion, use a small amount of YSL Touche Eclat or other highlighter/concealer. Use a white kohl pencil along the inside corner of the eye to open it up.


  • Food and teas which are high in antoxidants may be helpful.