Padded bras are often used to lift and enlarge the look of your cleavage. Water bras are a type of padded bra that replaces foam padding with water-filled inserts. They are often preferred by women who want to enhance the size of their bust without having an unnatural look and feel. Water bras are also more comfortable as they are not as firm as foam padded bras. You can purchase water-filled push-up pads from your local lingerie store or online to create the enhanced cleavage you desire.

Things You'll Need

Cut around the surrounding edges of the padding inside the cup of your bra. Gently lift the fabric to separate it from the padding. Do not throw away the piece of fabric you just removed as it can be used to cover your water bra pads or to help create a template for a different piece of fabric that can be used to cover them later on.

Pull the padding out from the bra; be careful when you do this as you do not want to rip the fabric in your bra. Insert the water-filled bra pads into the space left behind by the removed bra padding. Position the larger portion of the bra pads towards the lower outer corner of the bra to help create a natural look for your bra.

Place the fabric you removed over the bra pads. If the fabric is not big enough to completely cover the pads and reach the underwire, cut out a bigger piece from a fabric of your choosing. The fabric you cut out needs to have the same shape as the original piece so use the original piece as a guide.

Sew the fabric onto the inside of the cup of your bra; make sure you sew it back along the underwire of the bra. Put on your bra and adjust the straps as needed.