Shimmery makeup is less about frost and more about illumination. Frost is dense and opaque, while shimmery products are lightweight and reflective, says makeup guru Bobbi Brown in “Allure” magazine. Use shimmer for that lit-from-within appearance, but keep in mind that a little goes a long way.

Where to Use Shimmer

Shimmery makeup can be used anywhere on the face — with restraint. Don’t use it on your eyes, cheeks and lips at once. Pick an area to accentuate and play it up with a subtly sparkly product. Shimmery body makeup is a favorite when dressing up for a night on the town, but don’t wear it when you’re going out in a sequin-covered dress. Save the body glow for when you want to add subtle sexiness to your decolletage in a plain LBD.

How to Highlight

Add a youthful glow to your skin with a shimmery highlighter, either in liquid or powder form. Celebrity makeup artist Geoffrey Rodriquez, on the Total Beauty website, advises applying highlighter under your eyes, above the brows and on the brow bone for an all-over youthful glow. A little dab also does wonders right above your cupid’s bow to deliver fullness to your pout. Use it to mask dark circles after a late night or on the inside corner of the eyes near your tear ducts to illuminate your peepers.

All About Eyes

The eye area offers the most options for using shimmery makeup. Choose from gorgeous hues — think gold, bronze, gray and plum — to create a visual masterpiece with shimmer-flecked shadows. If you prefer a more subtle approach, mix matte with shimmer. Try a peachy bronze across the lid and blend it with a charcoal or espresso shadow for a smoky finish. Celebrity beauty blogger Michelle Phan, interviewed in “Teen Vogue” magazine, recommends using a shimmer shadow under a regular eye pencil to brighten the eye, or simply use a shimmery eyeliner to achieve the same effect.

Cheeks and Lips

Layer a luminous highlighter on top of your cheek color, or go all in and apply a shimmery blush to your cheekbones. Highlighting this area is the subtlest way to use shimmer makeup, but delivers a youthful sheen. If you prefer to play up your pout, have fun with shimmery lipsticks and glosses. Target the center of your lower lip with a gold-flecked gloss for a plumping effect.