Silk nail wraps are silk fibers in the shape and form of a fingernail. Silk nail products are designed to enhance the appearance of fingernails, as well as protect them. Silk wraps are better than gel or acrylic nails because they are easier to remove and do not cause damage to the original nail. Silk nail wraps can be applied at home and still achieve salon-like results. The products used to complete this process can be purchased at most beauty supply stores.

Things You'll Need

Use nail polish remover to take off fingernail polish on the nail or to simply clean the nails of any oils that may exist.

Clip your natural nails. Keep the nail a bit longer than the fingertip to support the silk wrap nail.

File the entire surface of the finger nail. Use a file with small grit so you do not damage the nail.

Cut the silk wrap, using a nail clipper, to cover and fit the natural nail entirely. The silk wrap should fit to the base of your nail.

Apply a thin coat of glue to the natural finger nail, covering the surface.

Press the silk wrap onto the nail, slightly above the cuticle. Use a plastic compressor sheet to firmly press the silk nail wrap into the glue. Hold the silk wrap in place for approximately 15 seconds. Repeat for all 10 nails.

File the silk wrap nails to the look and shape that you prefer. Once this process is done, you will have completed the basics of silk wrapping your nails.

Apply a nail sealant onto the silk wrapped nails. Once the sealant is dried, you may paint the nails with a fingernail polish color of your choice.