Breasts can often cause women a wide range of discomforts, including back and knee problems if they are too large. Additionally, some women may feel self-conscious because of their large breasts. While some resort to drastic measures like breast reduction, there are ways to naturally reduce breast size.

Things You'll Need

Go on a low-calorie diet or similar weight loss method. Breasts are made up mostly of fat and are large proportionately to the size of the rest of your body. Dieting to reduce body fat will reduce the fat in your breasts and minimize your breast size. It is not possible to reduce the fat in only your breasts without decreasing overall body fat, so a full body fat reduction plan must be implemented.

Exercise to shape your body. In conjunction with dieting, exercising can dramatically increase weight and fat loss, thus decreasing your breast size. Going on an exercise plan that includes weights will also tone up the muscles in the body. Toning up chest muscles can perk up the breasts if they have sagged from excessive size. Be careful not to build the chest muscles up too much, however, as this will increase the muscle size under the breast tissue and might give you the appearance of having larger breasts.

Wear sports bras or other chest constrictors. They will not physically cause fat loss to your breasts, but they will provide you with the appearance of a smaller chest naturally and quickly.