The “beachy,” crinkled hair look has been very popular recently. This is a style that people with short, long, straight or curly hair can achieve. Getting that look for your hair is easy and takes very little time. Just do a few things before going to bed with your hair damp, and you’ll have crinkled hair when you wake up.

Scrunch It

In the evening, shampoo and condition your hair, and dry it with a towel until it is just damp. If you have very curly or frizzy hair, blow dry just the roots. This will make the hair on top of your head lay flat without being frizzy. Apply mousse to your hair to add a little bit of volume. For curly hair, add an anti-frizzing serum to tame your locks. Use your fingers to “scrunch” up your hair and go to sleep. When you wake up, you’ll have great waves. If you like, take a medium-barrel curling iron and go over just a few pieces of hair to give the style some more definition.

Braid It

If you’re not a fan of putting too much product in your hair, try this method. Again, wash and condition your hair the night before, Blow dry only your roots if your hair is curly and otherwise just towel dry your hair. Comb your hair through so it’s easy to manage. Very lightly and loosely braid your hair in a French braid. If your hair tends to frizz, you can add just a drop of serum to the ends of the braid to avoid this problem. Sleep on your hair with the braid. When you take your braid out in the morning your hair will look crinkled.

What Not To Do

Do not completely dry your hair before sleeping on it. This will cause your hair to lose the waves. Do not apply too much hair product to your hair. When you add too much product it will weigh the hair down and leave it looking dirty and greasy. Too much mousse will also make your hair crunch, not scrunch. And never add too much serum. Serum is great for people who have very frizzy hair, but too much serum will add unwanted (and unattractive) greasiness to your tresses.