Goyard is a French luxury luggage manufacturer, established in 1853. Known for high quality and unique pieces, one of the most famous pieces manufactured by the company was the Malle Bureau, a portable trunk that included a writing table. One of their most famous clients, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, ordered one of these. Today, the company sells exclusively through stores because of a belief that “direct, meaningful contact” is the best way to provide service. Along with luggage, women’s purses and bags have become popular sellers. Some stores that carry Goyard do have e-commerce sites but they do not carry their Goyard pieces on these sites.

Locate a store that carries Goyard pieces. As of fall 2010, Goyard is sold through five stores in the United States and fourteen stores across the world. United States locations include San Francisco, Los Angeles, Boston and two stores in New York.

Visit the store chosen and look at the Goyard pieces available. Stores may not carry every piece available, but special orders are accepted.

Purchase the piece(s) chosen. Goyard will custom embroider pieces if desired. If ordering a custom piece, the item will be made to order in Carcassonne, France.