Honey Powder is a versatile product that is created by using a varying amount of pure honey solids and one or more additives. Higher percentages of pure honey are better for food use. Seventy percent honey is best for baking and has a sweetness level that compares with regular cane table sugar. Honey powder processed with lower percentages of honey solids can be used in bath and body products.

Properties of Honey Powder

Spray dried honey powder is similar in texture to corn flour. It has a very fine consistency and can be added to soaps, salves, lotions, facial masks and scrubs. The natural antiseptic properties found in honey make it a useful ingredient to add to healing salves. Honey has the ability to attract and retain moisture making it a good skin softener. Its antimicrobial properties are useful in soothing minor burns and scrapes.

Bath and Beauty Products

A small amount of honey powder can be mixed with corn starch or powdered arrowroot to make a wonderful dusting powder. Sometimes other ingredients are added such as vanilla powder, lavender or citrus essential oils. Honey also works well as a natural skin cleanser, attracting the dirt and dead skin cells from the surface of your skin, leaving it feeling clean and refreshed.

Cooking With Honey Powder

You can use food grade honey powder in its dried form to sprinkle over cereal or fruit. Toss nuts in honey powder before spreading them on a cookie sheet and roasting them. You can add it to dry rubs for meat and poultry along with the usual spices. Honey powder can be added to recipes for cookies, cakes and breads in place of other sweeteners. If you want to use it in place of liquid honey mix 3/4 parts dried honey powder with 1/4 part water.


The honey powder you buy may be amended with one or more types of additives such as wheat, rice, soy, corn syrup solids, high fructose corn syrup or maltodextrin. It may also contain other ingredients such as calcium stearate or silicon dioxide which are anti-caking agents. If your honey powder absorbs moisture before you have used it all you can put it in a food processor and quickly turn it into powder again.