Although your eyelashes are constantly falling out and regrowing, it can be frustrating if you begin to notice that your lashes have become thinner than they used to be. Although you can use makeup products such as mascara to make your lashes look longer and fuller, if you want to help your lashes regrow, there are some homemade products that will help your lashes grow longer and fuller.

Things You'll Need

Method One: Castor Oil

Place equal parts of glycerin and castor oil into a small resealable container. You can find glycerin at your local drug store. Use a spoon to mix the ingredients together.

Dip a cotton swab into the mixture. Rub the moistened cotton swab into your eyelashes before bed. Store the leftover mixture in the resealable container for future applications.

Rinse your eyes in the morning.

Repeat application nightly.

Method Two: Petroleum Jelly

Dip your fingers into some petroleum jelly.

Use your fingers to apply the petroleum jelly to your lashes nightly.

Leave the petroleum jelly on your lashes for four minutes.

Use soap and water to rinse the petroleum jelly from your lashes before going to bed.

Repeat application nightly.

Method Three: Olive Oil

Dip a child’s paint brush into olive oil.

Use the tip of the brush to paint the olive oil onto your eyelashes before bed. Remoisten the paint brush with more olive oil as needed.

Rinse the paint brush under warm running water before storing.

Leave the olive oil on overnight and wash your eyes in the morning.

Repeat application nightly.

Method Four: Trimming

Close one eye. You want to leave the other open so you can see your lashes.

Use a pair of manicure scissors to trim the tips of your eyelashes off. The theory is similar to cutting off the dead ends of your hair or shaving your legs. The hair tends to grow better when trimmed.

Apply your chosen lash growth stimulator. You can use any of the three prior methods in conjunction with the lash trimming. However, only trim your lashes once every month, as necessary.