Exfoliation is the key to removing dull, dead and lifeless skin. Commercially available exfoliating products may contain harmful chemicals or irritate sensitive skin. These products are also very costly. People for centuries have been making their own exfoliating scrubs from common household items, and continue to do so today as an alternative to purchasing these products. You can customize homemade remedies, and moisturizing after-care is also simple to find in products you have the house.

Sugar Scrubs

Use a sugar scrub for sensitive areas of your body to peel away dead skin. Sugar scrubs are gentler than other types of scrubs, and will not cause irritation for most people. Sugar does not clog the pores of the face, and does not lead to acne breakouts when used as a scrub. Mix 1/2 cup of sugar with 1 cup of oatmeal or your favorite moisturizing soap. Apply directly to your skin, and scrub in gentle, circular motions. While sugar scrubs should not hurt, they may cause a bit of discomfort.

Salt Scrubs

Salt scrubs are harsher and take off more skin than sugar scrubs. Do not use salt scrubs on your face or other delicate areas. Do not use salt scrubs if you have extremely sensitive skin. Arms, legs, and hands and feet can all generally benefit from salt scrubs without ill effect. Prepare a mixture of 50 percent kosher or sea salt and 50 percent olive oil. Scrub the dull, lifeless skin in circular motions with the concoction. Vigorous scrubbing is not needed, If the scrub does not remove all dead skin, wait a day or more and try again rather than trying to remove it all at once, which can cause significant damage to the tender, healthy skin beneath.

Baking Soda

Baking soda is a gentle total-body exfoliator, causing fewer bad reactions and less discomfort than salt or sugar scrubs. Mix a bit of baking soda with a small aount of water until it is paste-like in consistency. Apply the mixture to dry skin, rubbing in small, gentle circles until the entire area has been scrubbed. Baking soda as a remedy for dull, lifeless skin causes little to no discomfort, even in sensitive skin.


For an enlivening experience, mix a few drops of your favorite essential oils with any of the recipes above. Lavender has a calming fragrance, and when used at the end of a long day it can help you feel less frustrated. Fruity scents are enlivening, and can be used in a morning scrub to help you feel more awake and exhilarated. The essential oils will stay on your skin, producing a light scent even after you have rinsed the scrub away.


After using any home remedy for dull or dead skin, it is important to moisturize the areas that were scrubbed. Use aloe vera gel or vitamin E gel to help soothe skin that may be burnt or scratched from the scrubs. Normal moisturizing creams and gels may work as well, but some ingredients in them may sting after the application of a salt, sugar or baking soda scrub. If you have any signs or symptoms of an allergic reaction or the problem gets worse after using a home remedy, consult a professional dermatologist, as this may be the sign of a medical problem.