While alternative, herbal treatments to common ailments haven’t yet invaded mainstream America, people are becoming increasingly more aware and open to the healing power of herbs. According to an article in the “Natural Health Journal” (2004), “Herbs won’t replace pharmaceuticals, but the research shows that — for many conditions — herbs work well, are cheaper than drugs and cause fewer side effects.” Herbal treatments have proven highly effective in the treatment and prevention of throat infections, such as laryngitis, which is the total loss of voice. Below are some steps that a person suffering from the symptoms of laryngitis, such as hoarseness, coughing, and sore throat, can do to alleviate the pain and speed up recuperation.

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Home Remedies for Voice Loss

Drink plenty of fluids. Warm beverages prove most effective because they relax vocal muscles and loosen any mucous that can be irritating the vocal chords. Adding lemon or honey to warm tea is a common cure used by many professional vocalists for a tired, hoarse or absent voice. (Sataloff 1997)

Rest your voice and your body. Talking, or even whispering, will only cause additional vocal trauma. Resting your body and mind, in addition to your voice, will also boost your immune system, allowing your body to fight off infection and speed up your recovery. (Sataloff 1997)

Consider using one of the many herbs that have been tested by consumers, herbalists and nutritionists for effectively treating throat infections or irritations. For example, echinacea and ginseng are well-known herbs that boost immunity. Licorice root can be added directly to tea for fast, soothing relief. (Natural Health 2004)

Avoid natural vocal irritants, such as dry or dusty air, by using a vaporizer of humidifier. Also avoid cigarette smoke as well as drugs or alcohol because they will further inflame and damage the tender vocal chords. (Natural Health 204)

Treat yourself to a localized massage. Vocal strain or loss can actually be worsened by a tight or tense neck, head and back muscles. (Sataloff 1997)

Limit your consumption of pain relievers such as aspirin. Aspirin slows the time it takes your body to form blood clots. Since laryngitis can be caused by minor injuries to the vocal cords, taking aspirin can actually slow the healing time. (Best-home-remedies.com)