The at-home version of Brazilian keratin treatments are few and far apart. Liquid Keratin is the most popular. It attempts to meet demands for semi-permanent straight hair without the high price tag or hours in the salon. Liquid keratin, or hydrolyzed keratin, uses thermal heat to bond the protein to the hair shaft.


The at-home treatment straightens hair for 30 to 45 days, less than the salon treatment, which lasts at least twice as long. Liquid Keratin costs a fraction of the price, around $70 for a kit. Salon treatments range from $150 to $600 per visit.


The application process consists of washing hair with a special shampoo that removes residues and oils. The hair is then sectioned and liquid keratin is applied all over and left to sit for 30 minutes, blow dried and flat ironed.

Keratin Function

Keratin’s function, according to the manufacturer, is to drench the hair with “natural” protein from the inside out.


Health experts believe that keratin treatments that claim to straighten by way of keratin rather than with harmful chemicals are not likely. Formaldehyde or its derivatives are what cause the hair shaft to change its shape.


At-home keratin treatments do not require the use of gloves, mask or ventilation, as do the salon treatments.