Since the birth of fashion design, trends have been constantly evolving. From the hoop skirt to the poodle skirt to the mini skirt, the fashion savvy have been keeping up with the latest fads. Because of this, the fashion industry has continued to grow in any era. Designers are constantly coming up with new styles that often bring a positive reaction to those that are wanting to be the first in the latest style.


The first fashion designer was 19th century Charles Frederick Worth who started the world’s first fashion house in Paris. He soon became so successful in his work that customers began seeking advice from him, rather than telling him what they wanted.


The world of high fashion originated in Paris where it is still the “headquarters” of the fashion industry. London was also a pioneer in the fashion industry.


The three main types of fashion design are haute couture or “made-to-measure” which is created on an individual basis for a specific client. Ready-to-wear clothing is created in small quantities and is more expensive and exclusive fabric and design is used. Mass market is made in large quantities and for the general public.


Throughout the last 100 years, fashion has become a very important part of society. With celebrity endorsements, constantly updated fashions and new and innovative technology used for designing those fashions, fashion design has become a very profitable and lucrative industry.

Famous Ties

Well known fashion designers include Pierre Cardin, Calvin Klein, Christian Dior and Oscar de La Renta.

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