Eating high-alkaline, low-acid foods is based around the idea of regulating your diet by using the pH scale, which ranges from 0 to 14, with 7 being neutral. Something with a pH level less than 7 is acidic, and something with a pH level greater than 7 is alkaline. Everything has a pH content–even your body, which is maintained with a pH of about 7.4. Contemporary research indicates that eating low-acid, high-alkaline foods can help you lose weight and feel healthier by reducing the acidity of your system.

Fermented Tofu

Eating fermented tofu, with its high alkalinity, is a way to get your protein and still maintain an eating plan devoted to high-alkaline foods. Most protein sources–meats and fish, for example–are high in acid and low in alkalinity.


Almonds are known for having a high alkaline content. Although many nuts are acidic, almonds are a clever addition to an eating plan that includes low-acid, high-alkaline foods.


Broccoli has low acid levels and is a natural complement to any low-acid, high-alkaline regimen. Try using slivered almonds to complement the flavor of the vegetable.


Spinach is a very-high-alkaline food. Spinach is also one of the super foods–foods recommended by nearly every health plan, doctor and nutritionist. Eating spinach every day can help improve your immunity and can help you control your weight–partially through its high alkaline content.

Maple Syrup

Maple syrup has good alkalinity levels. It should be eaten in moderation, however, because it is very high in sugar content. Too much maple syrup can spike the blood sugar and cause health problems that won’t be canceled out by the alkalinity of the syrup.


Strawberries are a high-alkaline food. Eating a cup of strawberries every morning and evening can help you attain the 40% acidic food/60% alkaline food balance called for by most proponents of eating high-alkaline foods for health purposes.


Stevia is the only sweetener classified as a high-alkaline food. Other sweeteners can metabolize as acidic in the body and should be avoided when following a diet composed of high-alkaline, low-acid foods.


Cinnamon is a high-alkaline way to spice up your foods. Try combining some chopped apples with cinnamon and Stevia, then bake them together.