Lemon icebox pie is a delicious and easy dessert. It doesn’t require baking and anyone can do it. It can take a little bit of skill to make sure your dessert filling is the right consistency – not to stiff, not too gooey – and ready for your dessert table.

Add more cream cheese. Most recipes use an 8 oz. package of cream cheese combines with a 14 oz. can of condensed milk. Since it is the condensed milk that adds moisture, you can mix in more cream cheese to make it thicker. Start by adding 1 oz. at a time to thicken. Since the condensed milk also adds sweetness, too much cream cheese can make it a little bland. You can fix that by adding more milk.

Keep it in the fridge longer. If your filling is too runny, it just may not have had a chance to set long enough. Icebox pies typically require them to set for at least two hours and sometimes overnight in the refrigerator, and larger pies may take even longer. Put it back in and wait a little longer.

Put it in the freezer. If your dinner is starting soon and you’re running out of time, you can put it in the freezer for a few minutes to help it along to that last bit of firmness. Not too long, or you’ll have a frozen pie.

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