Heels Vs. Pumps

By LeafTV Editor

High heels have come a long way since their debut on Medieval equestrians hundreds of years ago. Once worn by men, today's heels have evolved into a variety of shapes and styles -- no longer can women simply categorize their shoes as flats or heels. Within the category of high-heeled shoes are many options to choose from, including the classic pump.

Overhead view of woman's shoes
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Heels Vs Pumps

The term pump is used loosely in reference to women's shoes that have a closed back and a low front covering, or vamp. Pumps are easy to slide on the feet, and can come with varying heel heights and toes, such as pointy, round or peep-toed.

Pumps of any kind are a classic component to a woman's wardrobe. Generally viewed as a "go with anything" option, pumps great anchors for just about anything in the closet.