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Black women who desire a different hairstyle or to wear long hair will use a hair weave. Weaves can damage the hair by causing hair thinning and breakage of the hair. There are so many hairstyles for black women that can dramatically change their look that do not require a weave. Simply cutting the hair short is one way to change a woman's look. Dredlocks for example, allow the black woman's hair to grow naturally. Hair weaves are popular, but there are many hairstyles without weaves for black women.

The Short Hairstyle

Celebrities like Rihanna and Halle Berry’s short hairstyles inspire many black women to cut their hair short. Short hairstyles are created by a professional hair stylist. Hair is permanently relaxed straight using a chemical relaxer or left naturally curly in an afro.

The Afro

The afro is tight, kinky curly hair that is typically free from chemical relaxers. The afro is a short hairstyle. The Afro is combed using a hair pick. Use of styling products is very minimal with the afro hairstyle.


Dredlocks are small sections of the hair twisted, coiled and knitted together to form dreds. Dredlocks are never combed or brushed once the dreds start to grow. Cutting the hair is the only way to get rid of dredlocks.


Cornrows are braids tightly braided against the scalp in rows by a professional hair braider. Cornrows are created in different patterns such as spirals, zigzags or geometric designs.

The Bob

The bob haircut is perfect on medium length hair that is relaxed straight with a chemical relaxer. Using a flat iron enhances the look of the Bob. Bangs add more style to this hairstyle.

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