Hairstyles With Height

By Lisa DiVirgilio

Hairstyles with height are hairstyles that have layers and movement to them. To achieve maximum height, you can use different products and also tease your hair. By having a lightweight style, you can achieve great heights in your hair in no time.

Hairstyles with height don't have to look crazy.

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Defined Short Cut

A great cut for volume and body is a shorter hairstyle that has layers that range 1 to 2 inches. The cut is quick and easy and the style always looks fashionable. Volume and body will appear naturally with this cut, because there isn't much weight to hold hair down. If you like to have bangs, you can incorporate both wisp and side-swept bangs into this style easily. To really make this style look great, add a little collagen-based mousse or molding wax to define the layers and give the style more of a textured look. Be sure to really tease the crown of this style for added height.

Layered Bob

The key to having really full, high hair is having a style that is full of layers. A blunt cut won't work for height because there is too much weight, leaving the hair flat against your head. A layered bob is a good choice for someone who wants more volume added to her hairstyle, and still wants to have a little fun with it. Bobs don't have to be one-size-fits-all. You can get an asymmetrical bob to boost volume in the back--think Victoria Beckham. Asymmetrical bobs are in style and work well for those who want a hairstyle with a lot of volume.


A shag hairstyle is great if you want something lightweight that can be styled high. The layers play to the height, boosting the body of your hairstyle. A shag ends about 2 to 3 inches below the chin and has layers cut into it to define a frame around your face.

Product and Styling Tips

Using a root lifter on damp hair is always a great idea if you're trying to achieve height in your hairstyle. This helps boost the root of the hair. Also, using any collagen-based product is great, because this thickens the hair by wrapping collagen around individual strands, making your hair full of body. Using a molding wax is also a great idea. This product is thicker than gel and really gets a hold on hair, so you can sculpt height into your style.

Blow-dry your hair upside down until it is slightly damp to really set your style high.

Don't be afraid to tease, tease, tease the crown of your head. This will get you really great height in your hairstyle.