Center-parted hairstyles have taken over the deep side part as a favored style. The center part will open up and brighten a face to emphasize the eyes. The center part works well with angle-softening curls or wispy bangs. Hairstyles that work well with a center part include medium, long, partial updo and bob hairstyles.

Medium Hairstyles with Center Parts

The medium hairstyle parted in the center has many hairstyling options. Add some soft fringe or side-swept bangs to soften a high forehead and frame the face. Changing your part from a deep side part to a center part can completely transform your look. Check out some celebrity center-parted examples like Gwyneth Paltrow, Sarah Jessica Parker, Demi Moore and Jennifer Aniston.

Changing your part every so often can give your hair a more full appearance as the hair can become dragged down by the same part every day. Other than a major haircut or color change, changing your part is the fastest way to change your look

Long Hairstyles with Center Parts

Parting a long hairstyle in the center is a very dramatic look. All over curls or slick straight are great options for a hairstyle with a center part. To create the center part, apply a styling cream to damp hair. Then use a comb to make the part right down the center. Blow dry the hair using a large round brush or paddle brush, directing all hair down. Add all over waves using a curling iron or straighten it with a flat iron. There are many different examples online of long hairstyles with a center part.

Partial Updos with Center Parts

The partial updo with a center part looks very polished and glamorous. To style hair, follow directions for a long hairstyle with a center part. Add all over waves or straighten the hair all over. Next pull back small sections of hair on each side of the part and secure them in the back of your head with a decorative ponytail holder. For an extra sexy or softening effect, leave out several fringe pieces of hair around the face.

Bob Hairstyles with Center Parts

The bob hairstyle works well with a center part, as long as the ends are not above the chin. Medium or long-length bobs take on a whole different look with the center part and the addition of fringe bangs or a regular full hair bang. The center part balances out the hairstyle and face, leaving a very pretty end result. Bob hairstyles can also be styled all over curly, stick straight or with the ends flipped under.