By changing the look of your hair, you can appear thinner without losing a pound. While a full face may make you appear younger, it may not make you feel as attractive. The trick to making your face appear slimmer is to use proportions to trick the eye, just as you would avoid horizontal lines so that your body doesn’t appear heavier. Generally, avoid short hair, such as a chin-length bob, or a hairstyle that is all one length.

Long and Layered

Long and layered hair is ideal for making your face appear slimmer. This hairstyle is particularly slimming with long, side-swept bangs. Avoid blunt bangs as they can make your face appear fuller. Layers and side-swept bangs provide volume to the top of your head, which draws the eyes upward and elongates your face.

Asymmetrical Bob

An asymmetrical bob is a great way to make your face appear slimmer. A standard bob doesn’t work well but an asymmetrical bob makes your neck look longer and thinner. This instantly slims and lengthens your face. The best length for this type of bob is a bit past chin length, around mid-neck or so.

Shoulder Length

The perfect length for a slimming hairstyle is between the chin and shoulders. Add layers around your face, starting around cheekbone length or a bit longer. Keep the hair framing your face; stay away from hairstyles in which your hair is too voluminous or fluffy. Add side-swept bangs and a deep side part. Avoid blunt hairstyles and bangs as they can make your face appear wider.