There are simple guidelines and tips that can help to minimize looks that are a result of aging. Things such as getting balancing cuts and styles, using soft curves and waves in hairstyles to accentuate all the right features and using softer colors to give you a natural glow will all help to take years off your appearance.

Face Balancing Styles

Sometimes when we get older, our facial features begin to sag. As we continue to age, our ears and nose grow, making the face look older. A shorter haircut with the last layer ending mid-neck to chin can be a good way to diminish the look of sagging features. Adding fringe, with a slight wave and a side part can be a great way to keep features in balance as well. The softer the overall hairstyle the better. Softer hairstyles create a more feminine look while they frame the face, therefore taking attention away from larger features.

Softer Curls & Waves

A curly style with sharply defined curls and lots of movement can actually make facial lines and creases stand out. To combat this, wear your hair in a layered style with softer curls or waves. This helps to break up the lines around the face.

The opposite of curls that are too tight is the sleek, straight look. This will also help to accentuate facial -lines and creases, so be sure to give your hair a little volume and wave to make sure you’re highlighting all the right features of your face.

Softer, Lighter Color

Gray hair and fine lines around the eyes and mouth are common with aging, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t do anything about it. The first response is to initally dye our hair darker, but that just makes us look washed out since our skin pigmentation also lightens as we age. The best response is to go two to three shades lighter than your natural hair color. This gives you an overall boost by covering the gray and also creates a glow around the face, since it makes your pigmentation seem to have a bit more color. It’s a great trick to look like you’ve spent the day in the sun, but without the harmful UVA rays.

Quick Tip: Be sure to have your stylist match your eyebrows to your new hair color.

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