For heavy people, choosing the right hairstyle can help deemphasize physical features that may not be flattering and instead draw attention to features best to highlight. Hairstyles that balance out the figure may help create an overall slimmer appearance. Heavy women have several options when it comes to hairstyles; they need to consider the type and texture of their hair when selecting a flattering style.

Short and Fringy

Because many heavy women have round, full faces, a short and fringy haircut is often a good choice. It helps reduce the round appearance of the face by creating wisps of hair along the edges. Parting the hair on the side helps the face look less round. For those interested in coloring their hair, chunky highlights work well with short, fringy styles.

Curly Pixie

While an extremely short hairstyle may not seem like a good choice for heavy women, a pixie style haircut can work well on heavy women with thick, curly hair. This style brings attention to the eyes and cheekbones instead of the jaw line or neck where there may be excess weight or puffiness.


A medium-length shag hairstyle can be especially flattering for heavy women. These usually have a slightly messy feel to them and may be layered according to the individual’s preference. Adding many layers to a shag style gives hair additional volume, while fewer layers help give the hair a sleek, polished look. Sideswept bangs with a shag haircut deemphasize a wide forehead. Curling the ends of the shag under and into a flip can help soften the look and diminish the roundness of the face.

Long Hair

Long hair is often a good choice for heavy women, because the length of the hair helps the face appear slimmer and balances the individual’s overall look. Heavy women with oval faces should leave the hair all in one length, while those with square faces usually benefit from a layered look. Layers help add definition to the style. Heavy women with curly hair may wish to try a flat iron to see if added length gives the appearance of a slimmer face, because heavy curls near the bottom of long hair may emphasize excess weight in the chin and neck. Avoid long hair styles with blunt bangs, which usually make the face look wider.

Cheek Bang

The cheek bang is a cut that features layers around the face from the chin up, making the face appear slimmer. The cheek bang style looks especially good when paired with highlights, because attention is drawn to the eyes and not to problem areas like the neck, chin or jaw line.