Hairstyles in Baseball Caps

By Kristen Marquette

Women of all different ages wear baseball caps. Some wear them to support their favorite sports teams, and others don them as part of a work uniform or to do yard work. Usually, the hair is thrown into a ponytail and displayed through the opening in the back of the hat, but women have more hairstyle options than that when wearing a baseball cap.

Add accessories to your hairdo such as barrettes, combs, fabric flowers or ribbons.

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Alternative Ponytails

Ponytails are quick and easy hairstyles, especially when sporting a baseball cap. Instead of doing the high ponytail through the back of the hat, pull your hair into a low sophisticated ponytail at the nape of your neck, or go for a cute and flirty look by donning a low side ponytail that falls over your shoulder. If you don't like the feel of your hair on your neck or shoulder, you can still wear a high ponytail, but dress it up a bit by wrapping a piece of hair around the rubber band to disguise it or using a barrette instead of a rubber band.


Before you put on your baseball cap, braid your hair. Plait your hair down your back in a regular three-strand braid for a quick and simple hairstyle. If you want a more elegant look, have your hair styled in a French braid—a braid that starts at the top of your head—or a fishtail braid—a complicated braid that involves plaiting smaller stands of hair. You can also do any one of these three braids as a side braid.


Wear your hair in low pigtails with your baseball cap. This hairstyle works especially well if your hair isn't quite long enough to get into a ponytail or braid. Tie your hair off into two low pigtails. You can either have the two pigtails run down your back or over your shoulder. You can also choose to braid your pigtails, or part your hair in the middle and create French braid pigtails.


Don a bun with a baseball cap. Twist your hair into low bun at the nape of your neck and secure it with bobby pins. You could also wear a stylish side bun or turn your pigtails into two side buns. Pull your hair into a high ponytail, stick it through the opening in the back of the ball cap and then twist it into a bun. If you have thin or very fine hair, make a bun on top of your head and put the baseball cap over it.


Sport a down hairdo. This doesn't mean you just throwing a baseball cap over your limp locks. Take the time to straighten your hair with a flat iron; give yourself curls or waves with a curling iron; or tame your natural, wild curls with a little product. Even while wearing a baseball hat, your styled hair will give you a much more polished, finished look.