Fine, thin hair can be hard to style, as it is prone to breakage and damage from heat and dyes. In addition, fine hair does not lend itself well to many styles that require more hair to work with. There are, however, several styles that can make fine, thin hair look fuller and healthier. Keeping fine hair healthy is essential to any style, however, so it is important to choose one that does not require excessive heat or blow drying.


Layers are an effective way to add volume and body to your hair because they create an illusion of thickness. Decide what length you want your hair to be; keep in mind that the shorter your hair is, the more body you will get from the layers. Discuss with your stylist the type of layers that will work with your face shape and styling preferences. For instance, if you prefer to wear your hair pulled back, you may want to avoid short layers around the face but can still benefit from longer layers.


Heavy bangs can look good with fine hair and can add shape to a style as long as they are cut straight across. Avoid experimenting with choppy or razored bangs, unless you have an experienced stylist and can commit to regular trims to keep it looking styled as opposed to messy.


A chic bob is an option for thin, fine hair, as it is short enough to help the hair maintain its shape without looking messy. Less length on the hair means less pull at the root, therefore allowing the hair to stand out from the scalp more, making it look thicker. Either a textured bob or a blunt-cut bob will work with fine hair, but keep in mind the shape of your face and get the opinion of your stylist as to what length and bob style will be most flattering for you.

Waves and Curls

Not all fine, thin hair is straight, and if you are lucky enough to have natural body in your hair, use it to your best advantage. Curls and waves naturally give the illusion of more body. Obtain a diffuser attachment for your hair dryer and use it on low when you blow dry to separate and define the natural waves. Those who do not wish to blow dry their hair can spritz it with a spray gel while wet and gently scrunch it and allow it to air dry. If you do not have natural body to your hair, use hot rollers of varying sizes or a curling iron to achieve a similar effect. Just make sure you treat your delicate strands with a heat protector first.

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