Hair is the ultimate accessory: a casual ‘do for a sporting event or a sophisticated style for an elegant evening engagement. It can match outfits, be highlighted with color or accessories and call attention to a pretty face. Women over the age of 40 with short hair have a number of fun, pretty hairstyle choices.

Long Flipped Bangs

As long as the woman’s hair is at least eye-length, she can achieve a fun, versatile style that brings attention to her eyes yet is still suitable for the boardroom, classroom or restaurant. To get bangs that are flipped, straighten hair and use a shine serum on dried hair. Using a curling iron, draw the iron down the length of the bangs (making sure not to burn your forehead, eyes or nose) but stop before completely curling the hair. This will lead to the “flip” on the end of the bangs. Instead of the usual curled-under look (à la famous portrait model, Bettie Page), the bangs will be curled up and away from the face, a dramatic look bringing attention to your eyes. With this look, you can wear your hair as short as you want on the sides, top and back of the head.


The old standby for little girls (and some boys), the Pixie cut has resurfaced as a flattering and fun look for women, especially those with short hair. The stylist usually cuts your hair with a razor, then adds snips of varying lengths to create texture. Bangs may be left slightly longer or short and edgy. Beneficial for women on the go, the Pixie requires very little maintenance. Often, wearers of the style can just get up and go with just a dab of mousse or styling product (short hair also dries very quickly). Women who enjoy playing with dramatic makeup will appreciate how the Pixie takes focus off the usual heavy weight of hair and brings attention entirely to the woman’s face.


Everything old is new again and one of the resurfacers from the 1970s includes the Shag, a haircut that is flattering and fun for women over 40. The Shag is playful without seeming childish (such as braids or pigtails). Depending on the length of the woman’s hair, short-medium style shags can have hair tucked behind the ear or can be worn with a pretty barrette. Styling consists of blowing the hair dry, then tousling it a bit to get the mussed look. Mousse can be worked in for a piecey, spiked look.