First impressions have a lot to do with professional image and reputation. A woman with a neat, polished hairstyle is more likely to make a good impression at work than a woman with a messy or frizzy hairstyle. The type of hairstyle should match the job description. For example if you work at a financial institution, a conservative cut and hair color would be best. There are three types of hairstyles for women that will work in virtually any business situation.

Bob Hairstyles

The bob hairstyle was made popular by celebrities such as Katie Holmes and Victoria Beckham several years ago. Bob styles can be short, medium or long in length and can usually go with any type of bangs. Adding hair bangs is a great way to camouflage facial features and add balance to your face. Find examples of “bob hairstyles” online by typing in those keywords into an image search engine such as Google, Yahoo or Bing.

The bob hairstyle works for the business woman because it is a flexible hairstyle that looks polished. To get the bob hairstyle, ask for a blunt cut with no layering. If the hair is extra thick, you can ask the stylist to thin out the hair and ends underneath for a smoother look. An inverted bob, where the hair is longer in the front and cut shorter in the back, is another option for a business haircut that gives a the modern look with professional polish.

Long Layered Hairstyles

Long layered hairstyles will work for business situations as long as the hair and layers are kept in top shape. Layers are shorter lengths of hair cut throughout longer hair lengths for a more manageable hairstyle. Extra styling time and styling products may be required to keep layers in shape. Long hair can be worn straight, wavy, or extra curly. Find picture examples online of “long layered hairstyles” by typing those keywords into an image search engine.

Ponytail Updos and Chignon Bun Hairstyles

Quick hairstyles that always look professional are the ponytail or the classic chignon bun. The ponytail has come a long way. Previously considered as a hairstyle for leisure activities, the refined ponytail has made its way into formal events and the workplace.

For a sleek-looking ponytail, first use a flat iron on hair to get it super straight. Add height in the crown area by gently back combing small sections of hair and smoothing over the top with your fingers. Next, pull all hair back and secure with a ponytail holder. For added style definition, use decorative hair pins or ponytail holders.

To create a chignon bun, follow the instructions for the ponytail and then gently twist the ponytail into a chignon and pin into place. Leave out a few wispy strands of hair around the face for softening effects. Find picture examples of “ponytail” and “chignon” hairstyles by typing those keywords into an image search engine.