According to The Fit Map, oval faces have a structure where the chin is narrower than the temples. Teens with oval faces are lucky, as oval is the most versatile face shape and suits almost any hairstyle. The Hairstyler recommends staying away from styles that hang on the face or in the eyes and cover up the structure of the face. For oval faces, avoid heavy bangs (fringe) and hairstyles that are too long. Investing in a good haircut and keeping with the natural texture of your hair whether it’s curly, wavy or straight, will save you both time and money.

Long Hair

For teens with oval faces, long hair is a good choice and suits celebrities with oval faces, like Jennifer Aniston. Try to avoid hair that is too long, as it will weigh your face down and make your oval face look longer. Cut layers into your hair at the cheekbones, lips and chin to highlight the good bone structure of oval faces. If you have wavy hair, you can pull off long, beachy waves with a side parting or center parting (for a bohemian look). To get this look, simply allow your wavy hair to dry naturally. For long hair styles, ask your stylist to cut you layers longer in the back than in the front to balance out the look.

Medium Hair

Shoulder length is a style that most face shapes can pull off and you can choose to be edgy, with loads of choppy layers or go for a classic shoulder length bob. A medium length hairstyle is a great choice for teens who are interested in a short haircut, but are nervous to take the plunge and go short. With an oval face, you can pull off a medium length bob with side-swept bangs that would normally be too round for other face shapes. The sharper chin of an oval face shape allows the freedom to wear rounder hairstyles. Cameron Diaz is an oval-faced celebrity who pulls off a medium bob with lots of layers.

Short Hair

Oval-faced girls are the only group who can easily pull off super short haircuts. Short pixie cuts work well with an oval face and you really can go as short as you like without worry. A sleek and short bob with a choppy fringe and lots of layers will highlight your cheekbones and bone structure. Victoria Beckham pulls off this look which suits her oval face. Choose a short hairstyle that accentuates the eyes, with short whispy bangs that fall above the eyes or are side-swept.