The classic bob goes modern with a short layered hair in the back and long bangs in the front. This cut is flattering on nearly every face type and you can style it in a variety of ways to create different looks and moods. Use highlights to accentuate the severity of the cut and use accessories to create different styles such as a hair dyer, large round brush, curing iron, hair gel, pomade and a hair pick.

Accentuate Your Bangs

Your long bangs are one of the signature features to your style. Spotlight the front of the hair while drawing attention to the back by wearing a more severe, straight lined style.

Dry your hair using a large round brush and pull down each section as you dry. Hold the brush under each section and lift to create volume. Rub a dime sized amount of pomade between your palms until it disappears. Drag your fingers and palms through the front of your hair until your bangs begin to stiffen. Quickly run your fingers through your bangs several times and brush your bangs over to one side. Grab individual chunks of bangs and pull down to give the style a spikier look.

Volume Hair

Place emphasis on the stacked back of your style using hair gel and your fingers. Rub a dime size amount of hair gel between your fingers on both hands. Pinch the ends on the back of your head and pull each end outward and to the side.

Tease the hair around the back part of the crown, then lightly comb over it to add depth and volume to the top of your head.

Rub a dime sized amount of pomade between your palms and sweep your hands through your bangs in a forward motion. Continue pushing your bangs forward until the pomade begins to dry. Brush your bangs over to one side using your fingers and add a little hairspray to make them stay in place.

Romantic Wave

Soften your style with a few curls around your face. Use a large barrel curling iron and create large ringlets on all of the longer strands of hair. Use a hair pick to comb through the curls when you are finished to give your style a more natural appearance. If you don’t have a pick, lightly brush each curl or use your fingers to separate the hair.

Use soft flexible rollers to save time in the morning. Wash your hair the night before work or school and roll each section in a soft roller. Dry your rolled hair with a hair dryer in the morning to ensure the curls are no longer wet. Remove the rollers and run your fingers through your hair or use a pick to relax the curls.

Push your bangs over to one side to create a sexy, tossled look that is appropriate for any occasion.