Hairstyles for Middle-Aged Men

By Filonia LeChat

While hairstyling is often thought of as a woman's territory, it's just as versatile and fun to play with for men as well. Hair can be left mussy and casual for a pickup baseball game or gelled and styled sophisticated for an office function or date. For men approaching or into middle age, hair loss and sparsity becomes an issue, but, luckily, many hairstyles are available to mask the problem and, with a few quick steps and products found in the cabinet, can be quickly and easily achieved.

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For men with shorter hair or ready to go short, the Caesar can be an attractive style. Jokingly referred to as "The Clooney," named after the actor George Clooney, who made it popular, the style has short bangs and general length of about one to two inches. The hair toward the front of the head is pushed forward toward the bangs; everything else is kept trimmed and neat. This hairstyle has the added benefit for men who are experiencing middle-aged hair loss; the close cut hides thinning hair. The hairstyle also has the positive aspect in that it's very low maintenance for busy men.

Crew Cut

Men struggling with losing their hair don't have to despair--there are actually haircuts perfectly suited to that situation; ones that actually work to mask the thin spots and blend the man's natural hair into an attractive look. The crew cut is a good choice for men in a hair loss situation. The whole head should be cropped closely (if desired, a tuft of hair can be left on the top and brushed forward over the eyes). Because all hair is the same length (very short), it is nearly impossible to tell which hairs are missing or where patches have become sparse. For men who don't want to commit to shaving completely bald, the crew cut gives a style with masking benefits.


Definitely not for the straight-laced, the rockabilly style has come back from the '50s in conjunction with a resurgence of rockabilly music and clothing. Whether the man enjoyed rockabilly the first time around or is just enjoying it now, the hairstyle can be achieved with a big focus on pomade and height. Best on men with short to middle-length hair, the style requires hair to be blown straight back from the head and coated in a shiny styling product to solidify the look. Hair in the front is fluffed up as high as it will go to create the pompadour popular with Elvis and Johnny Cash. Look in the mirror sideways--if your hair looks like a wedge, you've got the rockabilly style.