Hairstyles for Fifty-Something Women

By Natalie Andrews

Gone are the days when, the moment you turned 50, you had to settle for one of those frumpy "mommy" hairstyles. Today's women do not only have more freedom in the way they act, but also in the way they look. If you want to make heads turn with a classy, timeless, ageless look, then by all means do.

Full-Bodied or Flipped-Out Bob

The bob has long been praised by stylists for its incredible versatility. It's adaptable to different hair types and face shapes and can flatter nearly everyone. Most bobs require a small amount of maintenance – a bit of blow drying and flat ironing, but nothing too meticulous when it comes to hair products. If you're sporting thick, straight hair, a smooth, fringed, full-bodied bob would frame your face perfectly. If you're looking for more volume, your stylist can easily add texture and chunky layers to the cut. Asymmetry in bobs is great, but do take care to avoid too edgy looks and "helmet head" cuts, as these tend to get dated rather quickly.

Pixie or Short Shag

If you want to get even more low-maintenance, consider getting a pixie or short shag cut. Going short may take some getting used to if you have long hair. You may have to work with your stylist to get the exact look you want, but a great pixie or shag can be worth it. You'll need to run a small amount of gel or holding wax through your hair in the morning. If you're an active, busy woman, this may just be the cut you're looking for.

Shoulder- or Chin-Length Cuts

If you're hesitant to chop off your locks, there are plenty of choices among shoulder- or chin-length hairstyles. The key thing is to have your stylist keep everything soft and layered – steer clear of pin-straight hair and tight perms. Layers and flips keep your do interesting. Consider getting some highlights – these brighten the face and give your hair extra pizzazz without having to worry about it on a daily basis.

Wearing It Long

Although thinning hair is a natural part of aging, you may be one of those blessed with a full, thick head of hair, and it would be too great a pity to chop it off. Again, layering is key to a soft, flattering do. If you want to wear your hair in a bun, chignon, or ponytail, keep it loose and let some tendrils fall freely. To update the look, try working in some bangs and highlights.