By Molly Harris

A haircut is an easy way to change up an aesthetic, but bangs are often an intimidating leap, especially for those with exuberantly curly locks. When cut improperly, curls can become too voluminous and overpower the face rather than accentuate. Researching a hairstylist with extensive experience cutting bangs for a range of hair types is important. Not only will her experience help build trust before the cut happens, but a thorough consultation before snipping away will also ease the mind.

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Hairstyles for Curly Hair With Bangs

Get the Cut

Hair varies in texture just as the tightness of curls does. Tight, compact curls that extend past the shoulders are softened with shorter layers that draw the eye upward. Another option for the tightest of curls is an afro or bob with fringe to frame the face. For a modern flapper look, try an Art Deco, Old Hollywood style with looser curls or waves set in an asymmetrical bob. Let bangs fall from the middle of the forehead to the sides for a little retro-inspired action. No need for those with pixie cuts to shy away from bangs either. Allow top layers to grow out for baby bangs or for mid-length curly bangs.

Curls from loose to corkscrew can often pull off blended bangs when the layers are lightly cut to flatter the face. While a classic shag cut is enhanced by curls, the inverse, steep layers, is also a fun cut to try. Be sure to ask for long layers to ensure hair does not become too curly around the root or face. Achieve a balanced look by opting for a cut with more volume around the narrowest points of the face.

Style it Up

When scissors are wielded with skill, a curly haircut with bangs can be swept into an array of face-framing styles. Change up the natural look of a new cut by styling it up or half-up. Pull hair into a bun or topknot with a few pieces left loosely framing the face alongside curly bangs. Add a bandana or scarf around the base of the head and tie at the crown for a laid-back look.

Update an old school classic, the half-up pony tail, with a high pony and a bold hair tie. For a quick style during busy mornings, sweep locks into a pineapple hairstyle and allow a little fringe to complement the bangs. To avoid frizz, the technique is best done while hair is still wet.

For minimal effort and maximum style, try statement pieces like beaded headbands, colorful clips and hidden bobby pins to separate locks from the bangs or fringe. Even a few strands tucked away from the face can highlight cascading curls and open up the face. No one can go wrong with a few loose tendrils for a softer look.