Dying your hair multi-colors can be a fun way to spruce up your style. Whether for a shocking statement, or a subtle change, contrasting your hair in black and blonde coloring can be just the thing to display your personal style.

Short Spike

For a contrasting short spike style, the hair is usually cut to two to three inch layers all over the head. Decide if you prefer to be black or blond on top. Blond will make the spikes stand out more, where black on top will make the style more subtle. The hair is separated around the top of the head. One color is applied below the line, the other on top. After the coloring process, the hair is then styled so the bottom color is combed down or back from the face. Hair gel is applied to the top and tossed with the fingers to make the hair stand up. This is a simple style that makes a really strong statement. This black and blonde hairstyle offers simple and fast styling.

Bi-Colored Bob

A short or medium length bob cut offers multiple possibilities for black and white contrasting coloring. Coloring the top layers of the hair one color and opting for the opposite color underneath is a simple way to go monochromatic. To be a little braver, you may choose to color the majority of the hair black and then bleach the bangs or two to three inches of front hair to blonde. For an extreme look, you can alternate two inch sections of hair starting at the front and moving to meet in the back of alternating colors. This style is extremely versatile for styling purposes. Worn up, down, or gelled and combed back, this haircut and color job offers multiple styles.


Starting with any hairstyle, you can achieve a black and blonde ook through chunking. Chunking involves dying all but one or a selected few sections of hair one color. The chunks,or selected areas, are then colored in the opposite. For example, if you want all over blonde hair, you may choose to select a chunk of hair in the middle of one or both sides of the hair. This chunk would be dyed black. Chunking is a very subtle form of black and blonde coloring. This is a an option if you want the monochromatic look, but are bound by professional dress or appearance standards.