Finding a hairstyle that compliments your facial shape is key to having a polished look. Curls and fullness are the answer to those who want to find a flattering cut for a thin, angular face. The curls and fullness will both soften facial features and have a widening effect on the face.

Short Hairstyle

A short, soft and wavy style with jagged layers is a flattering hairstyle for a thin, angular face. If you have a higher forehead, you may choose to add wispy bangs, which will not only disguise a long forehead, but also give the face a little extra fullness.

Medium Hairstyle

Shoulder length hair with mid-length layers will help give any thin face a boost of fullness. The layers help to create a natural beachy wave. If you have pencil-straight hair, you can achieve beachy waves by taking one-inch sections of your hair and wrapping them around a medium-barrel curling iron. Do not clamp down the curling iron, instead hold the ends of your hair to keep the hair wrapped around the barrel for 30 to 45 seconds. Continue until you have finished curling all of your hair. Spray your entire head with a light hairspray and let the style set for three to five minutes. Run your fingers through your hair to upset the curls and have then begin to relax into waves. Once you have achieved the waves you want, spray them into place.

Medium-To-Long Hairstyle

Layers are throughout a hairstyle that falls shoulder length two inches below shoulder length. The layers are what is key to making this hairstyle work on thin, angular faces, since they help to soften facial features and create added fullness to the face by adding body to the cut.

Styles to Avoid

Long, sleek, center-parted styles for thin, angular faces will only make the face appear longer. Avoid having long hair with no shape at any costs. Also, avoid having a blunt bang cut, as this draws negative attention to angular facial shapes by pointing out angular noses or chins.