Toddlers can be more than a bit to handle, especially when trying to get them ready for the day. An easy hairstyle can be the key to making mornings easier and more time effecient. The natural texture of African-American hair can lend itself nicely to many different fun, cute, manageable hairstyles for toddlers.


The afro hairstyle, popularized in the 1970’s, is an appropriate style for parents wanting to leave their toddlers’ hair natural and loose.

Maintenance usually consists of weekly shampooing, daily moisturizing and pick-combing through the hair. While this hairstyle avoids issues with chemically treating your toddler’s hair, it can be hard to manage if the child is prone to tangles. Also, if the toddler’s hair is especially thick or long, it may be time-consuming to comb.

Girls can use barrettes, hair ties and hair bands to add some cuteness to the hair style while making it more manageable.


Dreadlocks are an increasingly popular hairstyle choice for African-American children. The dreadlock style can significantly cut back on the time and effort spent on hair during mornings.

Dreadlocks are usually achieved by slowly twisting locks daily, generally using a dreading wax. Eventually, dreads will form, and twisting the locks, will still necessary, will be less vital.

Dreadlocks do not require wet-washing, and in fact, can be damaged by water. Children who have dreadlocks will need to have their hair washed using a dry shampoo, which is usually a powder that is applied to the hair and scalp.


Braiding can be done in a number of different ways depending on one’s level of expertise and creativity. Since braids can be kept in for days at a time, it is a helpful hairstyle for parents who are limited on time in the mornings.

Cornrows are a very popular of braiding style for both boys and girls. Increasingly, more and more parents are using cornrows to weave intricate styles and designs into their child’s hair.

Plaited braids, or simple three-strand braids, are extremely easy to achieve, but may require more day-to-day maintenance as they are looser and more likely to fall out.

Pulling braids too tightly may cause a receding hairline in children. Braiding may also cause hair breakage and damage. It is important to ensure that the child’s hair is not pulled too tightly and is still being regularly moisturized.