A night out is a great opportunity to get dolled up and enjoy fun times with friends. Whether you’re going to a dance club, swanky bar, or a high-end restaurant, you’ll want to dress up in keeping with the occasion. One important part of looking good is having the right hairstyle, so consider one of these glamorous night-out styles you can do yourself to look your best for a special evening.

Sophisticated Ponytail

A sleek ponytail can be a sophisticated and glam look. Pull all your hair back in a high ponytail and add a spray or two of glosser. This will give hair a dramatic sheen to it and is easy to style. You can even try a funky double ponytail which is one ponytail at your crown, and another just below. Again, sleek hair back.

Slicked Back

Slicked back hair with a little volume at the crown is both elegant and dramatic. Start by teasing hair slightly at the crown. Then rub some styling gel or pomade onto hands and slick back hair from the front, letting it rest on the crown to create volume. You may have to add a few pins at the crown to hold hair back.

Straight Look

Go for a simple sleek look with super-straight hair. Make sure hair is completely dry, then use a hair straightener and some heat-protectant spray and begin straightening hair in small sections. Once hair is straight, finish with a smoothing cream to keep the hair straight and fight off frizz.


To get full, voluptuous hair, head to your local beauty-supply store and get a wrap-around extension hairpiece that matches your color. Simply put on by lifting up the top layer of your hair and clipping the extension underneath. Gently brush through hair to mix the real and fake hair, and you’ve got intense volume with a little wave for your night out.

Tousled Bun

Do a tousled bun with some volume for a sexy look. Start by teasing hair slightly from the crown forward. Then pull your hair into a bun just above the nape of your neck. Use your teasing comb and gently poke the bun, pulling out a few strands.

Braided Look

For a fun braided look, make a medium-sized braid on either side of your head at your temples. Then pull all of your hair back and put it into a loose bun. You can gently pull out a few pieces in the front to frame your face and achieve a sultry, tousled look.

Sexy Twist

For a sexy twisted updo, try gathering hair at the nape and twisting it up, then pinning it with bobby pins or a comb barrette. Tuck any ends inward with bobby pins and spray with a coat or two of hairspray to hold the style.