Choosing the right hairstyle for a luau may be harder than you think. Sure, you have the option to wear your hair the same way you normally do, but there’s no fun in that. You want to go with the theme of the party. Some factors to consider when choosing your hairstyle and hair accessories are where the luau will take place (indoor or outdoors), the formality of the event (casual or formal), the time of the event (morning, noon or evening) and the activities at the luau (limbo contest, water fights and others).

Wet and Wavy Hairstyle

If you want to go with the beach-style theme, a casual wet hair look is hairstyle you may consider, especially if you plan to get in the water at the luau. The wet look is just that, wet. You simply wash your hair without blowing it dry. Add some moose, shower hair gel or hair conditioner after washing your hair for the wavy look. Now, everyone may not have the type of hair that refrains from fizzing up after air-drying. Hair stores and boutiques sell wet and wavy hair extensions you may have sewn in, giving you the wet and wavy look you desire for the luau. The idea of this hairstyle is to symbolize the waves on the beach, sea or ocean.


The classic ponytail or French twists are good hairstyles to wear to a luau celebration, especially since the event typically takes place in hot months. The plus with the classic ponytail hairstyle is the simplicity. Simply pull your hair toward back or top of your head (whichever look you’re going for) with any type of hair tie. You have the option to use hair ties that match your outfit, or simply take a strand of your hair and wrap it around the tie to hide the hair accessory all together. The French twist is a ponytail with a twist. Simply place your hair into a neat ponytail, and twist your hair around several times, and tuck the end of the ponytail underneath the twist. Leave some strands out if you are going for the messy look.

Straight Hair

Wearing your hair straight is a classic look to wear at a luau. Simply flat iron or blow your hair straight. Add a part down the middle of your hair, push all your hair to one side or pull half of your hair up into a ball and leave the back hanging down. To make this hairstyle more beach-like, accessorize. Use bobby hair pins to pin some beach flowers (real or plastic) in your hair that match your outfit or the color theme of luau. Another option is brush all your hair back, and place a tropical headband (some party stores have headbands made of tropical beads or leis) over your hair.