Hair Styles With Pipe Cleaners

By Samantha Cabrera

Adding or using pipe cleaners for a hairstyle is an easy way to experiment with your hair for a low price. Hit up a craft store for a wide array of pipe cleaners in different colors. Pipe cleaners are pliable, so they're simple to work with no matter what texture of hair you're working with.

Add color to a simple braid with a bright pipe cleaner.

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Create a deep side part with a fine tooth comb. Bring hair over to the opposite side of the neck (opposite from the part) and gather at the nape. Take a 2 inch section of hair and wrap the pipe cleaner at the base of what will be the braid. Divide hair into three sections and proceed to braid hair.

You will see the pipe cleaner peeking through the braid, adding a shot of fun color. If you have enough excess pipe cleaner at the end of the braid (about an inch or so), use this to wrap the end to secure the hairstyle. If there isn't enough pipe cleaner left, you can secure with an elastic wrap or cut an additional 3 inches of pipe cleaner to wrap the end of the braid.

Spiral Curls

Use pipe cleaners as a styling tool. Start with clean, dry hair. Working in 2 inch sections, secure a pipe cleaner at the root of the hair. Curl hair around a curling iron or flat iron. After unwinding the section of hair, wrap it around the pipe cleaner and roll the pipe cleaner towards the scalp, securing it with the other end of the pipe cleaner or with a bobby pin. Do this for the entire head and spray with a lightweight hairspray.

From here, you can either hold a blow dryer over the hair for a few minutes or sleep on pipe cleaners. Remove pipe cleaners and gently break up curls by finger combing for a romantic look.

Top Knot

Smooth hair with a glossing serum and comb through. Gather hair at the round of the head and secure with a hair elastic. Split ponytail into two sections and comb through. Take one section and wind it in the opposite direction around the base of the ponytail. Secure with bobby pins. Take the pipe cleaner and wrap it around the base of the ponytail in conjunction with the first section of hair. Wrap the remaining piece in the opposite direction to create a chic bun with the pipe cleaner creating a color vein through the hairstyle.