Hair Products of the 1970s

By Randolph Driblette

The 70s were a time of feathered bangs, up-dos, afros and generally big hair. The hairstyles of the 70s were designed to go along with popular cultural aspects of the time, such as disco, bell bottoms, rock and roll and the movies and television shows of the time. To achieve these hair styles, several types of hair products were used, some of which continue to be popular.

The afro was a popular hair style in the 70s.

Gee, Your Hair Smells Terrific

Gee, Your Hair Smells Terrific is a brand of shampoo introduced in the 70s aimed at making your hair shiny, full, soft, and of course, smelling terrific. This brand of shampoo is still sold today, and can be found from online retailers such as Vermontcountrystore.

Afro Pick

The afro pick is a specially designed comb for manipulating the thick curls of an afro. Originally, the afro was popular with black nationalist groups, but became mainstreamed and popularized in the 1970s. Today, people still use afro picks as the main way of combing their hair.

LemonUp Shampoo

According to the website Datazap, LemonUp is a brand that made both shampoos and conditioners that contained an entire lemon in the bottle. Besides providing a lemony scent, this shampoo was aimed at maximizing the body and texture of your hair.

Supermax Hair-Dryer

According to, the Supermax hair-dryer was a combination hair dryer, curler and straightener aimed at creating various types of hair styles quickly. This is achieved by the components of the product that include a wide-toothed drying comb, fine-tooth curver, drying concentrator, a brush and a storing handle.