You may dread wearing a hat, fearing that it will mess up or hide your hairstyle. However, a hat may actually be a new, good excuse to play around with various hairstyles, while still keeping your head warm, hidden from the sun or stylishly accessorized. The idea is to have some hair sticking out so that the hat isn’t the dominant feature on your head.

Naturally Down

When wearing a hat, the simplest, most comfortable and most appealing hair idea is to keep hair as is. Keep it down, and keep it straight, wavy or curly as you do each day. Wash and condition hair as usual. Then, apply a product such as pomade, gel or mousse to prevent frizz and to keep it smooth, or a curl enhancing product for curly hair. Put the hat on. Then, depending on the hat, pull a few wispy layers out in the front or for more comfort, tuck those layers behind your ears. Scrunch wavy or curly hair, the hair sticking out from under the hat, with some gel for natural, beach-like waves or run gel or pomade through straight hair to smooth it out even more.


If you don’t like the way your hair looks naturally down underneath a hat, try a simple hairstyle such as a ponytail. Although it depends on the kind of hat you are wearing, most likely the ponytail needs to be a low one to avoid that bump-under-the-hat effect. Brush or comb hair, then gather it into a low ponytail in the back, or to the side. Secure with elastic. Put the hat on. Pull the elastic down lower so that it is even with, or lower than the hat. Pull some strands out in the front, or leave as is.


For a bun under the hat, the same rule applies as for the ponytail: it must be low. Gather hair at the nape of the neck, either in the back or to a side. Twist it into a bun and secure with an elastic band or with bobby pins. Pull some wispy layers out in the front. Spritz with hairspray, gel or apply mousse all over to keep hair under the hat smooth and frizz-free. Put on your hat, and adjust the bun if it doesn’t feel comfortable with the hat on.


You can also braid your hair when wearing a hat. Not only will this keep hair away from your face, but you also don’t need to deal with uncomfortable elastics being pushed into your head by the hat. Make a single ponytail in the back, or to a side, or even pigtails. Secure the ends with elastics. Spritz hair with a chosen styling product.

Tucked Under

A hat may be the ideal solution to solving the dilemma of a bad hair day. When hair looks too bad to showcase, or if you simply don’t have the time to deal with it, tuck it completely under a hat. Leave some strands out in front to avoid looking bald. Flip head to the back and gather hair, twisting it into a bun. Place the hat on top without securing the bun, or use a few bobby pins to keep the bun in place, but make sure to make it flat enough so that the hat fits over ideally without creating a bump.