The use of ceramic tiles while grilling is an alternative to other heating sources. The benefits of using ceramic tiles is their cost, their low chance of catching on fire even when covered in grease, and their great heat conducting ability. Ceramic tiles are cheaper than lava rocks, and they last between five and seven years, making them a sound investment. Besides the financial side, ceramic tiles conduct heat better because of their uniform shape and size.

Things You'll Need

Measure the area the tiles must cover (the grate of the grill).

Calculate how many tiles you will need to cover the area of the tile rack using your measurements and the size of the ceramic grill tiles you have available to purchase.

Purchase the tiles, and lay them out over the tile rack of the grill in a grid so there are no spaces between the tiles, and so they cover the entire rack and touch all the edges of the rack.

Replace the tile rack and grill rack.

Preheat your grill to high, and then reduce to medium when you reach the temperature at which you want to cook.

Grill your food as you normally would.

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