When it’s time to don the cap and gown, it’s a good idea to put thought and planning into your hairstyle. On graduation day you want to make sure your everyday hairstyle, or a fun new do for the special occasion, will fit under the graduation cap, and still look great after the cap toss. Plan any new dramatic cuts, colors or perms at least two weeks before the big day.

Short Hair

Grab the curling iron and add a little curl to the hair peeking out from under the graduation cap. A quick flip of the bangs or soft curls resting on the nape of your neck are simple ways to jazz up a short hairstyle. After the cap toss, use your fingers to fluff the hair, and allow the curls to blend with the rest of your hair.

Use a touch of hair gel to tame wild stray hairs and create a sleek, shiny look. Use a comb and blow dryer to make the hair perfectly straight. Place the cap on your head and make sure the hair lays flat. Add a touch of hairspray and a few bobby pins to keep the cap in place.

Long Hair Down

Decide to wear long hair down or pulled back. For long flowing styles, gently spray the hair with a lightweight hairspray, then use a fat-barrel curling iron to make large loose curls. Apply another layer of hairspray for all-day hold.

Use a straightening iron to press all hair into silky, straight strands. Apply some shine spray, and test the hairstyle with the cap. If the hair is too slippery, add bobby pins to the base of the cap.

Long Hair Pulled Back

Use a decorative clip, rubber band or tie to secure long hair in a low ponytail at the base of the neck. Consider coordinating the hairpiece with your school colors or your outfit. Add curls or leave the hair straight.

Braid your hair, and allow just the tail of the braid to peek out from under the graduation cap. Apply hairspray to the braid to keep it fresh looking after the cap is removed. Ribbon can be woven into the braid for extra color and school spirit.

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