Graduation day is an important day in the lives of high school and college students. You’ll be on stage in front of a crowd of your peers, family members, teachers and friends. It’s also a day when a lot of photos will be taken, so you want to look your best. Your hairstyle is your chance to portray some individuality from the crowd of caps and gowns.

Classic Ponytail

A ponytail is a classic graduation hairstyle that can be played with to add individuality. Pins, clasps and decorative bands can be added to your ponytail. Try pulling your hair into a side ponytail for a cute, playful look.

Sweet Curls

Whether you have short, medium or long hair, you can add curls for a soft, sweet look. Curling irons come in many different barrel sizes, so you can choose if you want loose curls or tight ringlets. Have a friend or relative help you to curl hard-to-reach pieces of your hair since pictures will be taken of you from all sides.


Straight hair on graduation day is a sophisticated look that is easy to accomplish. Using a straightening iron and some finishing spray, you will be able to complete your hairstyle quickly. Try turning the straightening iron at the end of your hair to add some angles and flips.


Braided hair is not just for little girls. If you have long hair, a thick braid looks sophisticated and professional. For a more playful look, part your hair in two and have a braid lay over each shoulder. French braids are perfect if you are looking for a mature and classy style.


The graduation cap is tough on bangs. It comes to a point in the middle of the forehead making it impossible to have straightforward or styled bangs. You can tuck your bangs up in your cap or try styling them to the side.