Depending on your body type, large thighs can often be accentuated by ill-fitting bikinis and swimsuits. As a result, a swimsuit for large thighs is designed to make your legs appear longer and slimmer. This can be achieved through both diversion and varying the cut of the swimsuit you wear.

High Cut Suit

High cut swimsuits come as a one-piece or two-piece style and are designed to extend the length of your legs, making your large thighs appear slimmer by comparison. In addition to extending your legs, bringing the cut of the suit up eliminates the chances of wearing a swimsuit that cuts off at an unflattering portion of your thigh or upper leg. A high cut suit will also reduce the amount of fabric around your thighs.

Mute Colored Bottoms

Two-piece swimsuits can either be purchased as a pair or individually. If you’re purchasing them individually, purchase a swimsuit bottom with a muted color, such as a black, grey or dark brown, to help keep the focus off the lower portion of your body. Dark colors will also create a contrast between your body and the suit itself, making your legs and lower body appear more defined and slimmer.

Colorful Tops

If you’re wearing a two-piece swimsuit, a colorful top will help draw attention to the upper portion of your body, making your large thighs appear smaller and less noticeable. While the color of the top should be colorful, the color should specifically be light, such as a light green or red to further emphasize the upper portion of your body. In addition to color, if the top has a unique pattern or design, this will further emphasize the upper portion of your body.


If you’re not concerned with the particular fashion and style of your swimsuit, a one-piece swimsuit will help slim out your large thighs, as well as your waist and chest. Purchase a snug-fitting one-piece to help bring in your waist and thighs and purchase it in a dark color to further create a slimming effect.