Movies and books about gangsters of the ’20s often depict the gangster spending his free time with his moll, the girlfriend who provides him with support and female companionship. Planning costumes and dressing as a moll entails finding ways to style your hair like the stylish gangster girls of that era.

The Bob

The bob haircut, a blunt cut that ends level with the bottom of a woman’s ears, stays square all around a woman’s head. Worn with bangs, parted and swept to the side or by simply brushing the hair off of the forehead, a woman can choose to wear a bob straight, pinned, curled or wavy.

The Dutch Boy

The Dutch Boy haircut features a very square cut that frames a woman’s face by cutting the bangs and sides of her hair with sharp angles and square lines, ending at the ears. Some people call this hairstyle the “helmet” look as it frames the face as a helmet would.

The Shingle

Shingled hair features a very short length at the back of a woman’s neck which tapers into a V-shape at the nape of the woman’s neck. Shingled hair lays flat onto the woman’s head, covers her ears and sometimes boasts spit curls, or little ringlets, on her forehead or cheeks.